FAQs for Accountants

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.

What is BearTax and how can it help with cryptocurrency taxation?

We are BearTax, a software which enables Individuals, CPAs, and Accounting firms to calculate the performance of their crypto investments for a given tax year for tax reporting purposes. We are incorporated in Georgia, USA and you can reach us on support@bear.tax or via the chat box on the bottom right corner.

Is it easy to get started?

Absolutely. You can start in less than three minutes.

Is it easy to invite my clients?

You can invite your clients using their email and they can start immediately. It's really that easy.

How much should I pay for this?

Our pricing is fair and straight forward. We will charge based on number of clients you are handling. Starts wth $139/month

Can I try this for free?

Yes, your first 3 clients are on us. You can signup for our platform, invite any number of your clients and process the first 3 of them for free.

Why is the email needed for registration?

Providing your email will keep our communication with you smooth and secure. It will be used to notify you when your clients take actions like importing transactions, calculation of gain/loss data e.t.c.

Didn't receive the activation email in my account?

You'll receive activation email as soon as you Signup. Please check you Updates or Promotions tab on Gmail if not in primary inbox. If you couldn't find anywhere in the inbox, please check spam mail. If you don't get an email - it could be an official email and your email provider or company firewall must be blocking it - in such case, contact us using the chat box on the bottom right corner and we'll help you.

What exchanges are supported on BearTax

BearTax is integrated with major exchanges like Coinbase, GDAX, Poloniex, Gemini, Binance, Bittrex, Cryptopia and many more. You can import trades from virtually every exchange around the world. If an exchange is not listed, you can use a generic csv file to upload your trades. This can help you with trades performed on decentralized exchanges

Is my client's data safe?

Security is our highest priority. We incorporate end to end data encryption and our architecture prevents any front-end access to data without credentials and all of our communications occur through HTTPS channel. Always look out for https:// in the URL and lock icon with words SECURE beside the URL.

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