Import from Multiple Exchange Accounts

No premium payments are necessary. Our support staff helps you import from multiple accounts quickly.

It is common for a good number of traders to have multiple accounts, some trading with various credentials or moved from one account to another during a tax year. Whatever may be the situation, we are here to help and support you to import all your transactions from multiple accounts at no additional cost.

Multiple Exchange Accounts

To get your multiple accounts imported into BearTax, contact us via the chatbox or email us and we can assist you with getting them imported. Our 24x7 support can get your things moving faster than any other service out there.

Why multiple exchange account import matters?

To perform FIFO on your complete list of transactions, having a complete picture of your transactions from every account is important. This ensures the basis for every transaction.

Importing the same account multiple times could make things redundant - this is where our experts will validate and help you fetch the right data

Transfers between accounts and exchanges are non-taxable. For us to make sure you are not missing out any transfer entries, importing from multiple accounts will definitely help

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