10 Baby Steps to start Cryptocurrency Trading

beartax 10 baby steps

Welcome to cryptocurrency world. For all beginners, here are the steps to get started

  1. Learn more about Bitcoin and Blockchain
  2. How is Bitcoin and Ethereum different?
  3. How is Bitcoin different from Litecoin?
  4. Where can we buy Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin using our normal currency?
  5. What are exchanges and altcoins?
  6. Which altcoins are actually valuable (tech and product backed)?
  7. Which altcoins are just shitcoins and pump/dump?
  8. How to invest in Altcoins using Bitcoin/Ethereum?
  9. What are good exchanges — Poloniex, Bittrex, Kraken?
  10. Know what is a Market Buy/Sell and Limit Buy/Sell?
  11. What are exchange fees and determining the best exchange for your needs?

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