How to import Crypto trades from BearTax to TurboTax Desktop/CD

During the tax season, one common thing in everyone’s life is TurboTax. There are various versions of it and different users choose these versions according to their needs. Let’s learn to use BearTax with TurboTax Desktop/CD version

TurboTax CD/Desktop vs Cloud versions

With the increase in demand for online cloud versions instead of a stand-alone CD version, Intuit has come up with an online version where users can go to a URL and signup instead of buying a CD from a store near you.

Users can now choose between these 2 options. At BearTax, on our mission to make it easy for users, we always strive to provide the best user experience possible. Hence we have integrations for both CD version and Online version.

Instructions on how to use the online/cloud version can be found here.

How to export your taxable events from BearTax?

To use BearTax along with the CD version or Desktop version, you would need to either import a TXF (Tax Exchange Format) or an aggregated version of your details.

While our TXF version is still under testing, you can use the aggregated file format to get your capital gains or losses information into TurboTax Desktop without any issues.

Once you have previewed gain-loss for free, head to payment to access the tax documents section. Once the payment is done, you will be able to see the following screen on the download tax forms page.

beartax turbotax download

Now click the last button to download the “Turbotax Aggregated CSV”. This file will contain the capital gains and losses aggregated by the asset, thus resulting in few transactions.

All you have to do is take these entries and enter them manually in the TurboTax desktop version.

We’ll keep you all posted about TXF file support as soon as we roll out. For latest updates, please join our telegram group or follow us on Twitter

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