5 places to learn crypto taxation and how to file your taxes

crypto tax courses

Gathering the right information and filing your crypto taxes is never an easy endeavor. Thankfully, there are great crypto tax courses to help traders, investors, and tax accountants learn more about crypto taxation. In this guide, we take you through 5 crypto taxation learning platforms to help you file your taxes.

1.Crypto Tax Academy

crypto tax courses from crypto tax academy

If you’re looking to go deep into crypto taxation, then the crypto tax courses from Crypto Tax Academy will help. This is arguably the most comprehensive course online for cryptocurrency tax calculation and filling. 

While the courses here are designed largely for tax accountants, anyone looking to learn more about the space can participate. The academy runs two main courses: 

  • Crypto tax fundamentals track and 
  • The ACT-E track

Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Taxation

The Fundamentals Cryptocurrency Taxation track comes with more than 16 hours of video training. The course also provides over 16 hours of IRS approved CE & NASBA CPE credit and lessons on how to find clients (for crypto accountants).

Among the lessons on this topic are the introduction to crypto taxation, crypto tax accounting methods, and tax implications of crypto activities. There are also lessons on tax software, ethical implications of crypto taxation, and taxes on Airdrops and Forks among others. 

Advanced Crypto Tax Expert (ACT-E) Designation

The ACT-E Designation has more than 30 hours of video content and 30 hours of IRS approved CE & NASBA CPE credit. This track transcends the basics into more deep dives, coaching sessions, and IRS updates.

Crypto Tax Academy is an IRS approved tax trainer so their education modules provide the most updated content on crypto taxation. There’s a certificate of completion for learners.

2.Crypto Tax Girl

crypto tax girl

Crypto Tax Girl is a popular name in the crypto tax ecosystem. This platform is run by Laura, a CPA and cryptocurrency tax professional. Laura is an influencer in this space and has earned a name for her work in crypto taxation with over 2000 clients. 

The Crypto Tax girl’s platform has two main crypto tax courses. The complete guide to cryptocurrency taxation. This is the first course and teaches crypto tax fundamentals, taxable and nontaxable events, and implications of crypto transactions. 

This course also explains the US tax laws pertaining to cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it goes into taxation on Forks and Airdropds, as well as cryptocurrency mining. The second course teaches crypto traders and investors on how to use crypto tax calculators to track and file their taxes the right way. 

If you’re a trader, investor, or a CPA, this crypto tax course is a great way to get more knowledge on crypto taxation. 

3.Cryptocurrency Tax Institute

Cryptocurrency Tax Institute is another crypto tax course that teaches traders, investors, and crypto CPAs how to file taxes. There are two main courses, namely: 

Mastering cryptocurrency taxation: the fundamentals. This course teaches the basics of crypto taxation, taxable and nontaxable event. It also dives into crypto accounting for Forks, cryptocurrency mining, and Airdrops. 

The second part of the course, Mastering Cryptocurrency Taxation, goes deeper into crypto tax laws in various jurisdictions. It also provides one-on-coaching for CPAs on how to get more crypto clients. 

While this course is designed to favor crypto CPAs, it’s nonetheless a great crypto tax course for any crypto trader or investor to get more knowledge on how to do their taxes.

4.Crypto Taxes Made Happy

Crypto Taxes Made Happy: The Definitive How-To Guide For Preparing Cryptocurrency Tax Returns In The United States

Crypto tax courses

This is a great book for crypto traders and investors. It’s written by author, entrepreneur, and CryptoTaxPrep.com founder Mario Costanz. The book details the ins and outs of crypto taxation, the basics, taxable and nontaxable events, and what it takes to file your taxes. 

Throughout the book, Mario also details crypto strategies that will help you minimize your liability. If you want to learn how the IRS treats crypto, the updates, and all you need to be a good citizen by paying your crypto taxes, this book will do just that for you.

5.BearTax Blog

beartax cryptocurrency blog

For traders, accountants, and investors in the crypto space, the BearTax blog is a great place to learn more about crypto taxation. Resources range from understanding crypto taxation, implications of trading and investing, as well as Airdrop and mining crypto. 

Aside from this, readers also have access to great resources on exchanges, how to integrate your crypto trading with your tax calculator, and more. You also get updates on tax laws from the IRS and the implications of each tax update. 

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