How to connect your Bittrex account to BearTax for calculating taxes?

Connect Bittrex via API

Bittrex has been one of the earliest widely-used exchanges in the cryptocurrency space. Here we discuss how you can connect your Bittrex account to BearTax via API and import your trades with one click.

It is important to consolidate your trades from various exchanges. As part of our efforts to make your tax calculation easier, we have a one-click API integration with Bittrex.

To start with this, you need to have your Bittrex credentials and access to your 2-factor authentication (2FA) and email (to accept any confirmation emails).

Steps to connect Bittrex account

  1. Login to your Bittrex account using the credentials and authenticate yourself with 2FA(if setup). Then, click on “account” on the left side of your screen to see the following page with menu.

2. Click on “Add new key” link in blue color as shown in image below. This will create an entry in table above it. It will have 3 switch icons, which depict the enabling/disabling of various access levels (read, trade, transfers).

3. As mentioned in the past, be very cautious about what access your provide to third party applications like BearTax. We require only READ permissions to import your trades. So, please enable Read (first switch ass shown in blue) and hit save button.

4. Bittrex will then asks for 2FA confirmation code and then shows you API key and secret. Please remember to save it for your use in BearTax, else the secret won’t be shown again.

5. Now that you have the API key and secret combinations, use those API key and secret in BearTax as shown below. Hit the button “Proceed to fetch transactions” to start importing your transactions.

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How to connect your Bittrex account to BearTax for calculating taxes
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How to connect your Bittrex account to BearTax for calculating taxes
Bittrex is one of the widely used exchange and here we explain how to import trades from Bittrex to your BearTax account with one click via API.
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