Is the charge on cryptocurrency taxes a recurring one?

Handling payments, recurring charges, the security of the information stored are some of the frequently asked questions. Let us take a look into the answers on how BearTax handles them.

First of all, thank you very much for choosing BearTax to calculate your capital gains or losses.

No, payment made for BearTax is not a recurring one. It is a one time charge. Payments made on BearTax are processed by Stripe. Stripe is a well known and widely used payment processor, a compliant and secure way to handle the payments.

We do not store any payment information. So, there’s no way for us to go back and charge on your card. We do this for your security. If there is a necessity for a future payment, the system will prompt you as needed (in the case of transactions added later and overflows to a next pricing tier).

Our pricing plans are simple and straight forward. We charge you by the number of transactions for that tax year. You can learn more about our pricing plans on our pricing page.

Let us know if you have more questions using the chatbox on the website or application. Happy to assist.

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