How to Reset Password for BearTax

If I am not using a password manager or remembered it in the browser, I would definitely forget my password unless it’s something deeply etched in my brain

In case I forgot or I lost my device where my password was remembered, I can always choose a new secure password for my account on BearTax by resetting it.

How do I reset the password on Beartax?

When I go to the signin screen on BearTax, there’s a link to “Forgot Password”, which asks my email id that was used to signup.

System will validate my email to see if it has a valid account and then sends an email with a link to reset the password.

I generally get this on the Updates tab of Gmail and some of you might get it in a normal inbox on other mail clients. Sometimes, it plays hide and seek by jumping into spam folder too, so take a peek. I will open this mail and click on the link to reset the password, choose a new secure password and confirm it.

Once I confirm it, that’s it, this will be my new password for accessing BearTax going further.

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