Cryptocurrency Tax Forms

These are the various documents you would need for tax filing. Scroll down to learn more and view sample documents.

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Auto-generated 8949 capital gains document

our system will pre-populate your taxable transactions into a format provided by IRS and can generate the PDF version of it. This will help you or your accountant from making several entries manually.

Download detailed audit trail

A document that's needed the most. A document that shows you every piece of cryptocurrency you have ever traded or sold with it's fair market value while purchasing and selling. Shows you how much you gained or lost in short term and long term.

Export to Intuit TurboTax
Online or Desktop version

We provide an exportable file with all your taxable transactions. Which can be imported into Turbotax online or desktop version. This makes it all seamless.

Aggregate your transactions
for ease of reporting

If you are a high frequency trader or someone with huge number of transactions, your documents could extend to several hundred pages. Which won't help anyone. So we provide you documents aggregated by each digital asset or cryptocurrency, which you can provide to your accountant or upload on TurboTax.

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