On Demand Reporting Services

We can seamlessly integrate with your platform and can generate tax documents and cost-basis reports for your users as needed. Users have complete flexibility on choosing dates and month ranges or even tax cycles before generating these reports. All reports can be generated and securely delivered to user's email.

On-Premise Technology Partnership

Our technology experts can come to your premises and securely integrate our reliable platform with yours to make it seamless and secure, which is completely hosted on your servers. No dependency, no privacy issues. All this for a fraction of cost for doing it yourself. We provide most of the technology and data needed for generating tax reports, documents and delivering them to your users

Secure, Highly Reliable & Readable

With our robust platform and superior technology of churning numbers and transactions to generate tax documents, one thing assured is the high reliability of the data generated as well as the importance given for security and privacy of customers. Every report generate by us is not just ready to submit to your tax authority or an accountant, but also completely readable and understandable by common man.

Go ahead & Try BearTax

Leave aside your calculator, excel sheets and let the Big Bear take care of it.