High Frequency Traders (HFTs) & Bots

A robust platform that's built to deal with hundreds of thousands of transactions

High Frequency Traders and Bots generally post thousands of trades and sometimes hundreds of thousands. Calculating them all using a spreadsheet is prone to human errors and data hiccups. Using an automated software to fetch trades from exchanges via API and analyzing them to match appropriately to generate a gain/loss statement is the best way to go.

How BearTax helps?

With our advanced techniques of fetching hundreds of thousands of trades from exchanges by complying perfectly with their throttle limits, makes us reliable in fetching any number of trades without missing a bit. Once these trades are fetched, we do smart matching and price allocation using our historical pricing data for accurate cost-basis and define the right taxable events.

How HFTs and Bots can use BearTax

Connect your exchanges and import transactions via API or CSV without any transaction limit. Comply with exchange rate limits and fetch data reliably

Our state of the art processing algorithms optimize every step and churn your hundreds of thousands of transactions to get you to tax documents as quickly as possible

Process transactions and apply review sources in bulk to avoid going through a ton of transactions. Preview gain loss before paying even with a million transactions. No paywalls or masked transactions.

Download aggregated versions of 8949 capital gains document or auditable CSV to minimize the data reported and make it readable. Also, export an aggregated TurboTax version to comply with their 250 transaction limit policy.

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