Historical Pricing for Every Cryptocurrency

Our curated historical pricing helps you assign the right cost basis for that DATE and TIME. No daily averages!

Our curated historical pricing for every coin across thousands of exchanges is a differentiator for our platform. This will ensure that every transaction you make gets assigned with the right cost-basis with an accuracy of up to a minute and even seconds.

Significance of historical pricing in cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an asset class with 80% more volatility than any other widely traded asset. Prices of cryptocurrencies vary every second and this is different across various exchanges. Having a curated historical price for every coin since their beginning will definitely make a difference.

Historical Pricing Data could help with

Fetching the right purchase price for transactions done on any exchange on any date at any second.

No need to assume any price or adjust them with daily averages. IRS strictly mentions about the cost-basis needs for certain scenarios based on their timestamp.

Taxable gains or losses could fluctuate heavily when you don't have a price for a given timestamp as the prices move 10-40% in a day and daily averages are not helpful.

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