What is BearTax?

A simple tax filing assistant built with for crypto investors & traders

Easy Integration

Connect your exchanges via API or upload your transaction reports in csv or excel format.

Multiple Exchanges

We support multiple exchanges like Coinbase, GDAX, Gemini and more coming soon with API and Upload support

Unlimited Transactions

If you are professional trader - no worries! Our system can handle thousands of transactions

Centralized or Decentralized Exchanges, we handle'em all

All you need is to connect your exchanges with BearTax with just the read access. We'll get all the necessary data for calculating gains and matching deposits/withdrawals. If you're exchange is decentralized or doesn't have a way to connect - you can simply give us the data in simple csv format.

Significance of BearTax

HODLer, Trader or Bot - we can handle it all.

Complete Audit Support

With end to end tracking abilities, we can provide you a complete trail of gain/loss data along with their root transactions

Validated by CPAs

Our system has been verified and validated by professional CPAs for it's consistency and integrity in capital gains calculations.

Download Taxforms in PDF

Once you upload transactions, we'll brew some calculations to get your capital gains/losses & generates tax forms in PDF format

Automated or High Frequency Trading

When you have deployed an automated trading using bots or been a high frequency trader doing it as a full time job, you would need some reliable tool to do the tax filing work. Beartax can churn your huge volume of transactions and churn the numbers for you to give a detailed summary of gains or losses

Go ahead & Try BearTax

Leave aside your calculator, excel sheets and let the Big Bear take care of it.