Cryptocurrency taxes done in just a few minutes

We help you fetch trades from everywhere, identify transfers and save you taxes, provide auto-generated documents as needed by your tax authority.

Import your trades

Import transactions from almost every exchange on the planet. Integrated directly via API or CSV with more than 50 exchanges.

Review your trades

Review your transactions to ensure right prices and trigger the processing of transactions using FIFO or LIFO methods.

Download Tax Documents

Export auto-generated tax documents required by your accountant or export taxable transactions to your favorite tax software.

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Using BearTax to calculate cryptocurrency gain/loss means never worrying about using spreadsheets or manual calculations. Our robust platform is built by high frequency traders and accounting professionals to crunch millions of transactions per minute.

Unlimited Exchanges

No Paywall

24x7 Support

Auditable Reports


Import from 50+ exchanges via API and CSV.

Not just these, but import from every exchange on the planet using our generic CSV upload.

Get everything together with ease

Everything you would need to file your cryptocurrency taxes can be done in just a few steps in few minutes with BearTax.

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Keeping Records & Cost basis made easy

Keep track of trading records as well as the cost-basis a.k.a the purchase price of every coin with BearTax.

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Fetch trades from every exchange

BearTax is integrated with almost every exchange and if not, we can process your transactions with 2 business days and make it available in your account.

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Identify transfers & reduce taxes

Transfers across the exchanges and wallets have to be identified. This will reduce a lot of force sells and save you taxes. Our smart matching algorithm does it for you.

Works Globally

Global product with local support teams.

BearTax is designed to work across the globe. You can select the country while signing up and it will define your native currency and also the tax period specific to your country.

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File cryptocurrency taxes with confidence.

Calculating gain loss on a volatile digital asset could be daunting. With BearTax, you will be able to calculate and file taxes confidently. Accurate and convenient way to file crypto taxes.

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Autogenerated Documents

Avoid mistakes while using spreadsheets or doing manual entries on IRS forms. We generate the required documents for you.

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Exports to your favorite software

You can still use your favorite tax software for filing taxes. We provide the ability to export to all major tax software like TurboTax

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Communicate with experts or your accountant

When in doubt, it is always important to get in touch with a professional. We provide the ability to connect and schedule a session with professional accountants to get your crypto tax questions clarified.

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Audit helper - complete picture of your trades & gains

No one wants an audit. Our audit helper CSV file provides you a complete picture on the movement of your funds and every taxable event across years. This helps you respond with confidence.

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FIFO and LIFO calculations

One can process their cryptocurrency trades using FIFO or LIFO based on previous year's tax filing method. You never have to pay more than what you owe.

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Autogenerated 8949 Document

We generate documents for you with all the fields populated for you. All you need to do is to send it to your accountant or upload in favorite tax software.

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Auditable CSV for Future

Our comprehensive auditable CSV contains the information necessary to trace any chose taxable transaction done in a specific tax year.

Our customers are our biggest fans.

We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about our platform.

"BearTax has been amazing. The quick and prompt customer service made the experience even better. Every time I had an issue, someone was there within minutes to clarify and provide proper guidance. I never imagined that kind of support and to be able to see my gains/losses before purchasing. I definitely recommend."

Dave Gamache

"Very easy to use. I had started on another site and was so confused. Bear Tax was so easy and the customer service was awesome. A few times I was confused and they helped me. At the end I just downloaded to the correct tax form to submit. I will use it again next year."

Russ D'Sa

"Awesome site! extremely user-friendly, so so helpful, I would be lost without them. I highly suggest using this service for all of your crypto transactions. I can not recommend them enough. Great service friendly people."

Russ D'Sa

Professional Accounting Help
Help with IRS letters & notices.

Our accounting professionals can help you deciphering the notices and letters sent by IRS and can guide you through the necessary steps.







Frequently asked questions


Do I have to pay taxes on crypto investment?

Investors or HODLers have to pay capital gains tax upon disposing/selling/exchanging their cryptocurrencies. Different tax rates are applicable depending upon the holding period.


Whom should I reach out if I have more questions?

You can always reach out to us using the chat box at the bottom right corner of this page or email us on support@bear.tax. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Do I have to pay tax on crypto trading?

Traders (ie. individuals executing several transactions) are required to file taxes under Profits/Gains from Business. Traders would need to maintain a detailed profit/loss statement for all trades. BearTax helps in accounting by providing a comprehensive profit/loss calculation for the entire year's trades.


Whom should I reach out regarding partnerships?

Drop an email with an appropriate subject for all kinds of partnerships, media inquiries, affiliate requests, referral links to support@bear.tax. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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