Import from Unlimited Exchanges

No premium payments are necessary. Import from any exchange via API or CSV.

We integrate directly via API or CSV with more than 50 prominent exchanges across the world. However, we support our users to import from almost every exchange in the world. We do not restrict users on importing from exchanges because our goal is to provide a smooth experience without hurdles and get your taxes done quickly.

Importing from exchanges shouldn't cost you more.

Our principle is to process your trades and calculate gain or loss for you. To achieve this, you shouldn't be barred while importing trades from more exchanges. So, we allow importing from unlimited exchanges for free.

How can unlimited exchange access help?

By allowing users to import from every exchange out there, we enable them to process the FIFO or LIFO properly.

Cost basis for various cryptocurrency across the accounts will be retained by importing multiple accounts. Also, helps you track the lost coins if the account access is lost or compromised.

Referrals and Bonuses paid on one account will have certain cost-basis (purchase price) and this helps you get the right gain or loss when you transfer and sell on another account.

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